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Kendall Surratt

College student, avid coffee drinker, aspiring to inspire others.

I am a senior psychology student at South Dakota State University. I am an aspiring child psychologist, but I like to trust that wherever I end up is where I'm supposed to be. I've been battling Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 6 years, and I find hope in sharing my story with others. I am a lover dark roast coffee, stand-up comedy, and pretending to be a Beyonce backup dancer in my living room.
Is An Emotional Support Animal Right For

Is An Emotional Support Animal Right For You?

An emotional support animal is exactly what the name says: an animal who provides emotional support. It's something I had heard about from college friends who wanted an excuse to keep a furry friend in their apartment, but I never thought it was a legitimate thing.
11/07/2016 05:46 EST
When Constant Anxiety Takes Over My Life, I Just Keep

When Constant Anxiety Takes Over My Life, I Just Keep Trying

These thoughts I have are irrational and uncontrollable. They're more than overthinking, and they're more than overanalyzing. Most people will tell me to "stop overthinking" or "if you're trying so hard, you shouldn't have this anxiety." Believe me, if I could stop them willingly, I would. But for now, trying is all I can do.
10/24/2016 10:56 EDT
Depression Is More Than Being

Depression Is More Than Being Sad

It wasn't until I attended college that I realized depression wasn't just being sad all the time. As I began to realize and track my symptoms, I learned that my most intense symptom is lack of motivation. When my depression hits, there's no such thing as motivation anymore. It's instant, and I do not get a say. My class attendance drops, homework will sit undone for days, and deadlines will be missed.
09/21/2016 09:09 EDT