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Kennedy Stewart

Vancouver Mayoral Candidate, MP, SFU Professor

Kennedy Stewart is running to become Mayor of Vancouver in October, 2018. He was elected to Parliament in 2011 for the NDP, re-elected in 2015, and was BC Caucus Chair and Shadow Minister for Science and Technology. He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and is a tenured professor in public policy at Simon Fraser University. He is married to Dr. Jeanette Ashe, Chair of the Political Science Department at Douglas College.

Denying B.C. First Nations Consent On Pipelines Is A Big Chris Wattie / Reuters

Denying B.C. First Nations Consent On Pipelines Is A Big Mistake

The most fruitful way forward for resource development in B.C. appears to be through true co-management. Co-management moves beyond mere consent, to full and meaningful partnerships -- which require building a tremendous amount of trust through good-faith government-to-government negotiations and bringing in mature private sector partners.
11/17/2016 11:18 EST
Let Trudeau Know Kinder Morgan Is A Bad Deal For Bloomberg via Getty Images

Let Trudeau Know Kinder Morgan Is A Bad Deal For B.C.

Don't forget, way back in January 2014 Trudeau said about Kinder Morgan, "I certainly hope that we're going to be able to get that pipeline approved." Unless we make things uncomfortable for him politically, the prime minister will force this pipeline through our communities against our will -- the public's will.
05/18/2016 01:53 EDT
Let's Make The NDP Convention About Niyazz via Getty Images

Let's Make The NDP Convention About Equity

Enshrining an "equity mandate" would build on the tremendous work we have already done and make the NDP the most progressive party in the world when it comes to this issue. Trudeau certainly enjoys talking the equity talk, but by passing this motion the NDP will move miles ahead in walking the equity walk.
03/30/2016 02:34 EDT
E-Petitions Put Canadians In Control Of The Political Boris Austin via Getty Images

E-Petitions Put Canadians In Control Of The Political Agenda

The extent to which the Liberal government takes seriously its response to these petitions will demonstrate how much it embraces openness and accountability, whether or not it chooses to support or oppose these requests. In two years, the Trudeau government is scheduled to review how the new system is working and how it might be improved. In my view, the prime minister should put in the measures found in my original motion where e-petitions gaining a high level of public support, say 100,000 signatures, could trigger debates in the House of Commons.
03/22/2016 11:14 EDT
Science Is in Deep HuffPost Canada

Science Is in Deep Trouble

By choosing to shift towards industry-driven applied research at the expense of scientist-driven basic research, the Conservatives continue to undermine scientific progress - and these policies will adversely impact all of us, including the very industry they purport to be servicing.
05/07/2013 06:20 EDT