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Kenny Yum

Managing Editor, The Huffington Post Canada/AOL Canada

Kenny Yum is the managing editor of the Huffington Post Canada.
Why Y? A Generation Comes Of

Why Y? A Generation Comes Of Age

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /></a> Millennials are coming of age, the oldest within the cohort born after 1981 have reached their 30th birthday, a staggering five million of them are adults. Media coverage typically mentions them in terms of its emerging political clout, their impact on the work place or how they are marketed to. Millennials gets the side-show treatment as most day-to-day coverage is aimed at Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. We've set out to change that. Today, we launch our series Asking Y, a long-term commitment from HuffPost Canada and AOL Canada to report on Generation Y, Millennials, Echo Boomers or those I'll simply refer to as those 30 and younger.
11/20/2012 05:35 EST
Plagiarism or Not, The Globe's Reaction Matters

Plagiarism or Not, The Globe's Reaction Matters Most

At the heart of the scandal hitting the <em>Globe and Mail </em> over whether columnist Margaret Wente plagiarized is the role of the journalistic institution in an era of transparency. How the newspaper navigates its way through this crisis will show if the "old grey lady" has lost her way in a digital age. So as I watch -- as a fellow journalist and a former <em>Globe</em> employee -- on how this vaunted newspaper handles this crisis, I think how it reacts in the coming days will speak to the standards it wishes to hold itself to. In the digital age, public trust can be earned as quickly as it takes to do a Google search or read a few tweets -- and that trust can just as quickly be lost.
09/24/2012 03:41 EDT
No Need To Apologize, Paula

No Need To Apologize, Paula Findlay

Guts are a key ingredient in the makeup of any athlete who meddles in endurance sports. Just stand at the final 400 metres of any marathon, major or small, and you'll see it on the salt-stained faces of finishers.
08/04/2012 11:02 EDT
Obesity -- Not Running -- Is the Real Health

Obesity -- Not Running -- Is the Real Health Hazard

The Mayo Clinic's latest research made a bit of a splash in the headlines when it warned that "chronic training," or competing in endurance events, can cause injury to the heart. If we were to believe that 78 million American adults are obese, there's one group of people that should be more worried than another.
06/05/2012 02:05 EDT
HuffPost Canada's First Year -- Disruptin' the

HuffPost Canada's First Year -- Disruptin' the Hood

The Huffington Post is a disruptor. A year after we launched, I can confidently say the readers are coming: As of April, 2.9 million Canadians visited Huffington Post sites to the tune of 415 million page views. We have a tone and personality, and it helps us connect to our audience. It is part of our identity and I think you love us for that.
05/24/2012 10:18 EDT