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Kerry Sauriol

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Kerry Sauriol is the Vancouver mom behind the blog Crunchy Carpets. She has three children and sundry pets and tries to balance it all and keep her sanity. Her blog focuses on the juggling act called parenting. In her case the act of juggling a preschooler, two burgeoning ‘tweens,’ and keeping them all out of therapy when they are older.

Kerry has spoken at Northern Voice, been seen and heard on CBC, and featured in the Globe & Mail. Beyond children, her other passion is social media and she runs a social media management company called SAHMedia. You can find her on Twitter at @CrunchyCarpets.
This Mommy Blogger Is Aiming Low for

This Mommy Blogger Is Aiming Low for 2014

The background chatter is filled with bloggers concerned about taking professional shots of their food or composters or safe non-plastic toys and the right camera to do so. Gone are stories of parenting imperfection like why their 11-year-old still can't tie his shoes, but yet can have a girlfriend (I haven't blogged that one yet).
01/14/2014 01:27 EST
The Other Side of

The Other Side of Pinkification

My daughter Tara is 4 and in full-on princess mode. She loves to dress up like one and she loves to play with her princess dolls, Barbies included. Caity, her older sister, is now 9 and totally over princesses. Kaput. I hate the pinkwashing and sexualization that is going on when it comes to the marketing to our daughters these days.
08/10/2013 01:19 EDT
The Shelf Life of a Mom

The Shelf Life of a Mom Blogger

Even if you call your blog a hobby, the brands and mainstream media are watching you these days. It is far easier to connect with brands now than it was when I started out on this journey. While I still dream of Crunchy Carpets turning into my sole bread and butter, I have (wisely, I think) regarded it more as a jumping off point and have worked hard at spreading the word about my LEARNED expertise gained through blogging and social media. I love my blog and the amazing opportunities it has brought me, but I can only imagine what it would like if I was ten years younger and so was my blog.
06/24/2013 01:09 EDT
Mommy Bloggers Are Working Women,

Mommy Bloggers Are Working Women, Too

As part of her attempts to win the womens' vote for this election, Christy Clark and her various women and mom-focused ministers have been inviting moms and working women to small round table discussions to raise awareness about what the Liberal government can do to help mothers and working mothers in particular. The biggest issue that was brought up over and over was childcare. Due to love of career or by pure financial necessity, more women are working AND raising families and AFFORDABLE childcare has to be part of this juggling act. However what was emphasized also was FLEXIBLE childcare. Why? Because working mothers are not settling back into traditional 9-to-5 positions or even the few remaining shift work employment available out there. What are working mothers doing now? We are creating our OWN work.
04/30/2013 02:23 EDT
Parents Need To Speak Up About How Kids Are Being

Parents Need To Speak Up About How Kids Are Being Taught

There is absolutely no point in agreeing or disagreeing with the premier or the B.C. Teachers' Federation if we the parents don't speak up and have a voice in how our children are being taught in the 21st century. Our school has a large computer centre with its own teacher. I have NO clue what is taught there. The kids bring home printouts about "online safety," but I don't think these courses actually mention things like Facebook or Twitter.
02/04/2013 02:27 EST
Are Strollers On Public Transit A

Are Strollers On Public Transit A Nuisance?

Not only are buses <em>not</em> designed for strollers (especially folded up), our culture is not designed for it either. People on buses and the Skytrain are not very friendly. They don't appreciate anyone who is not fully compact with those annoying backpacks and totally tuned out on their iPods. Anyone with wheelchairs, bikes, packages or babies are considered an infringement on their right to travel without acknowledging those around them.
01/23/2013 02:48 EST
Dreams Of A Lovely, Formal

Dreams Of A Lovely, Formal Christmas

I suddenly had a GREAT idea. What if we really pushed the boat out this year? What if we all bought lovely Christmas outfits and went OUT for Christmas dinner. Yeah!!! We could book at one of the gorgeous hotels for their dinner packages. Have a lovely formal family dinner. For one year, we could at least FAKE a Martha Stewart Christmas. For one year, we could ignore our dog and cat stained house and embrace the glitter and magic of Christmas like it is on television.
12/23/2012 05:53 EST
Why Is Santa A Lie But God

Why Is Santa A Lie But God Isn't?

NOTHING polarizes parents more than Santa. It is where religion, idealism and perfection of parenting clashes with more debate and bluster. My son Adam told me that a kid in his class is telling everyone that Santa isn't real. This boy happens to be of a culture and religion that does not do Christmas. Adam and I feel that no matter your beliefs, you have to respect other peoples beliefs, cultures and origins so I tend to get a bit upset when other parents don't feel the same way I do.
12/21/2012 01:48 EST
Sorrows Of This Planet Totally

Sorrows Of This Planet Totally Overwhelming

I am troubled that we are more horrified by deaths of children here rather than afar. They all have parents who are left numb and alone. We should be weeping for the world. One that doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's the 21st century and we are still killing each other and ourselves.
12/17/2012 05:11 EST
What Are We Doing Wrong About

What Are We Doing Wrong About Bullying?

I think it is safe to say that the anti-bullying campaigns and the pink shirt days are not working. Once again we have a tormented teen who could only see one way out of her struggle and that was taking her own life. It is time to rethink how we are handling this whole "bullying" thing. As a parent of two school-age children, I have a feeling that the definition of "bully" has been lost in translation.
10/14/2012 01:35 EDT
Minefield Of Parenting Bloggers: Can You Take The

Minefield Of Parenting Bloggers: Can You Take The Heat?

Hell hath no fury like mom bloggers on a warpath, as Calgary DJ and blogger Buzz Bishop learned when he mentioned he has a favourite child. I am not going to bother too much weighing in on the response. What it does highlight is the minefield that personal and parental blogging can be. Words can hurt so every time I think about a new topic for my blog, I wonder: Am I strong enough to take the heat from those that may disagree with me? Controversy might give you lots of hits, but are you tough enough?
10/02/2012 05:58 EDT
Good Riddance To Hospital Baby

Good Riddance To Hospital Baby Photographers

I've had the privilege to partake in the birth experience at both the Fraser Health and Coastal Health institutions. I've had the pleasure of complete strangers who were not doctors or nurses barging into my room moments after I expelled my progeny asking if I wanted photos of them. How can you say no when you haven't slept in 48 hours and can't sit down because your nether regions feel like hamburger and you are consumed with crazy-making hormones?
08/30/2012 04:15 EDT
Since When Is Just Being a Mother

Since When Is Just Being a Mother Shameful?

Think on how many times you have heard clarifications to the "I'm just a stay at home mom" statement. "Oh but I volunteer too!" "I sell Tupperware!" "I have a blog!" The "us against them," view of feminism that Elizabeth Wurtzel preaches in a recent issue of <em>Atlantic </em>denigrates men and women. It is inflammatory and scandalizing without offering any sort of solution.
08/16/2012 08:06 EDT