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Kerry Clare

Editor of The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood; National Magazine Award-nominated writer; blogger at & 49th Shelf editor

Kerry Clare's essays have appeared in a number of Canadian magazines and newspapers, including Reader’s Digest, Today’s Parent, and the Globe and Mail. Her essay “Love is a Let-Down” was shortlisted for a National Magazine Award and appeared in Best Canadian Essays 2011. She is an editor of the Canadian books website 49thShelf and writes about books on her blog, Pickle Me This. She lives in Toronto.
[EXCERPT] The M Word: What Motherhood Taught Me About My

[EXCERPT] The M Word: What Motherhood Taught Me About My Abortion

It is essential for my purposes that you be able to imagine the desperation of being pregnant when you don't want to be, of what it is to be staring into that gaping black hole with everything you've ever worked and longed for lost inside it. I am aware that some people will find themselves more inclined to empathize with the six-week-old fetus in this matter, he or she (still indeterminate) about the size of a lentil, and whether such an inclination represents a terrific failure of imagination or an incredible imaginative leap, I'm still not entirely sure. But I'd like such a person to shake their convictions for just a moment or two.
05/14/2014 05:36 EDT