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Kevin Wong

Student, Princeton University

Kevin Wong is a Canadian, a philosophy concentrator at Princeton, and an alumnus of the Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific. He presently directs a program that develops and delivers original curricula in New Jersey state prisons. Learn more at, or follow along @kevinplusw.
Post-Shooting, Canada Should Fight For Its Public

Post-Shooting, Canada Should Fight For Its Public Spaces

Confronted with the senselessness of this tragedy, and given how many details have yet to emerge, understanding the implications of this horrific act is difficult. But it seems clear that this is more than merely an issue of national security -- it is an issue of national identity. Rarely have Canadians so acutely felt a sense of collective loss. The easy thing to do is to respond to this tragedy with anger, rashness, and xenophobia. Already, some pundits have found a way to politicize these events -- to call for a barricading of public spaces, a reform of the gun registry, and a military presence on the Hill. All of these things may indeed be sorely needed. But they are beside the point.
10/23/2014 09:15 EDT