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Kevin Grandia

President, Spake Media House

Kevin is the President of Spake Media House Inc. a consulting firm that helps people who want to change the world communicate powerfully online.

He is also the co-founder of Zappz Studios, a global smartphone and tablet app development house.

Named a "Green Hero" by Rolling Stone Magazine and one of the "Top 50 Tweeters" on climate change and environment issues, Kevin has appeared in major news media outlets around the world for his work on digital campaigning.

He is formerly the Director of Online Strategy at Greenpeace USA and has been writing on climate change and other pressing social issues for more than seven years. For five years he was the managing editor of that in 2011 was named one of the top 25 blogs in the world by Time Magazine. He recently helped launch and is a contributor to DeSmog Canada and was designated the first certified expert on the political and community organizing platform NationBuilder.

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Veniez: I See Your Tar Sands and Raise You These Photos

On the surface, a call for reason sounds good when dealing with the tar sands, but it comes at a great cost to the environment where irreparable damage is being inflicted everyday. Unreasonable things are happening in Canada's North, and it's not talk that's going to solve these massive problems.
06/05/2012 05:12 EDT

If the Tar Sands Were a Teen, I Would Ground Them For Life

Just yesterday we saw a huge pipeline spill in northwest Alberta dumping 22,000 barrels of oil and water into the surrounding wilderness. And how could we forget that 19,500 barrels of oil our little baby spilled into Michigan's Kalamazoo River? Now, of course the tar sands have a long way to go -- in many ways he is still just a clumsy teenager, tripping over himself.
05/31/2012 11:46 EDT