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Kevin Lloyd

Journalist and Tech Enthusiast

Kevin has several years experience in the technology industry, and three years experience in the journalism industry. He attended NAIT and the Academy of Learning in Edmonton, and four years in Lethbridge, where he took a two year journalism program. He has a passion for technology and helping others use it and understand it, though his main focus is small business. His day job is with Nerds On Site in the Edmonton area.

The Hidden Costs of Aging Technology

Thanks to the state of the economy, it's tempting to try and push the limits of your hardware to delay inevitable upgrades. This may seem like a money-saving measure on the surface, but the truth is that there is a significant cost to NOT replacing out-of-date hardware -- one that can very easily trump the cost to purchase its replacement.
09/27/2012 01:54 EDT

Which Security Software Should You Use?

I get asked this question a lot, and it's a question I love to be asked. I have spent the last ten years trying out just about every security software product available. I have come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for, and not all software is created equal.
09/15/2012 12:04 EDT

Why It's Important to Be Proactive When It Comes to Your Technology

When it comes to technology, most of us only take action when something goes wrong. We are in the habit of only fix technology when it breaks, as opposed to planning for problems or taking proactive steps to prevent them. When something does break, it catches us off guard, and is usually accompanied by frustration and stress.
09/04/2012 01:23 EDT

Why Your Computer May Not Be 'Fine' Even If You Think It Is

Although you may think your home or business computer is running fine, having a trusted source perform regular maintenance is essential, much like you get your vehicle serviced regularly. If it's running well - fantastic - if not, it's important to take steps to fix minor problems before they become major issues.
09/04/2012 01:16 EDT