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Kevin Press

Economics blogger and assistant vice-president, market insights at Sun Life Financial

Kevin Press is an award-winning marketer and journalist. As Assistant Vice-President, Market Insights at Sun Life Financial, he's currently focused on economics, personal finance and retirement planning. His e-book – Understanding Unretirement – was released in 2014. Before joining Sun Life, Kevin worked as a journalist for a number of business magazines including Benefits Canada and Advisor's Edge.
One Third Of Canadians Feel Financially guruXOOX via Getty Images

One Third Of Canadians Feel Financially Insecure

Money worries exist across income levels, and across the country. A new study fielded by Ipsos has found that three in 10 Canadians say they feel insecure about their financial health, defined as "a state of overall well-being where a person can fully meet current and future financial obligations to enjoy the things that matter most in life."
12/22/2016 07:59 EST