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Kiesha James


Kiesha James is the author of the book "I Have A Question...Sprinkles of What My Mother and life have
taught me". She resides in Toronto, Canada and writes under the pseudonym Clarke James. She is a
guest blogger for Curvy Magazine and has also written for, J’Adore Magazine and maintains her own blog at
Confessions of a Sugar

Confessions of a Sugar Addict

You make me feel better. You're there for me. You do not judge me. But then I crash. I struggle to be honest with the problem. I see 205 flash before me. 175. 190. 130. 145. 150. 140. The fluctuations indicative that the real issue is not me and not you, but the abuse. Hello, I am a sugar addict.
04/19/2013 12:09 EDT