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Kim Clarke Champniss

Author, Co-Host "The 80’s Radio Show"

Kim Clarke Champniss started the 80’s as a DJ at Vancouver’s hottest nightclub, Luv-A Fair. He then became the manager of one of Canada’s hottest new wave bands, Images In Vogue. He went on to be a VJ on the culture-defining music television station MuchMusic. He currently hosts the 80’s radio Show that is broadcast right across Canada and has documented the decade that has meant so much to his life in the book The Republic of Rock'n'Roll.

Kim Clarke Champniss currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.
The Eighties, Vancouver and the Luv-A-Fair: An Alamy

The Eighties, Vancouver and the Luv-A-Fair: An Excerpt

The Luv-A-Fair was a giant warehouse at the intersection where the red light and gay districts met. The bouncers were tough and mean. There was one incident where a bouncer had not only barred a yahoo from entering the club, but also chased him around the block wielding a bicycle chain.
03/12/2013 05:50 EDT
A Former MuchMusic VJ's '80s

A Former MuchMusic VJ's '80s Flashback

I got the job with MuchMusic. It's a 24 hour music station that plays videos, sort of like radio on your TV. Do you have such a channel over there in the U.K.? My role is rock and roll newsman for "the nation's music station." It's exciting, intense, aggravating, and glitzy all at once.
03/08/2013 06:12 EST