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Kim Hughes

Singles and dating expert,

An accomplished writer, editor and broadcaster, Kim Hughes has worked for two decades with some of the most prestigious media properties in Canada and internationally, including as a writer for the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, and as a broadcaster on XM Satellite radio.

An internationally-recognized expert on dating and relationships, Kim is the designated dating expert for She regularly holds seminars for members throughout the U.S. and Canada to answer questions and offer advice about dating, social media technology and relationships. She is a regular expert commentator on a variety of news shows in Canada and internationally.
5 Reasons You're Still Alamy: Emely

5 Reasons You're Still Single

With the dreaded couples-centric holiday season looming, there's no time like the present to try a few fixes. Spot your mistakes, fix them, and I guarantee you'll be on the fast track to love... or at least well-positioned to receive it when it arrives.
12/07/2011 02:28 EST