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Kim Steele

Geeky blogger with aspirations of car-singing superstardom

Kim Steele is an early childhood educator turned stay at home mom and writer. She blogs at Co-Pilot Mom ( A wannabe foodie with aspirations of car singing superstardom, she has an affection for Jane Austen, sci-fi, and all things geeky. She can lately be found watching too much British TV. Connect with Kim on Twitter ( and Facebook (
Please, Don't Ring My

Please, Don't Ring My Doorbell

Through the window, the movement from inside when we pressed the bell caught my eye. A small lady, about my grandmother's age, with grey, roller-set hair was hastily tiptoeing to the back of the house. From where we stood, we watched as she tucked herself behind a corner of the fridge and waited.
03/31/2016 11:47 EDT