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Kimberly Rupnarain

Freelance Journalist

Kimberly Rupnarain is working to help children through international aid and development agency, World Vision. As a Ryerson Journalism graduate and a freelance journalist, she is perpetually curious and passionate about sharing the untold stories of people around the world, with her community right here at home. She hopes to travel internationally in an effort to continue sharing these stories, but for now, lives just outside of Toronto.
A Day to Celebrate Grandparents

A Day to Celebrate Grandparents Everywhere

This Sunday marks national Grandparent's Day. But while special occasions like Mother's Day are celebrated with gifts, cards and showers of love and affection, Grandparent's Day is different. It reminds Canadians to honour grandparents, and not take their guidance, strength and information for granted. Many grandparents are pillars of strength in their own families, both here and around the globe.
09/06/2013 12:22 EDT
Coming Face to Face With Your Sponsor

Coming Face to Face With Your Sponsor Child

World Vision's child sponsorship program invites each Canadian to do something powerful: partnering with an overseas community to change the lives of its children. Yet despite the powerful impact of sponsorship, it's also a very personal experience, as Saskatchewan resident Angela Zoerb discovered.
02/04/2013 05:28 EST