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The Otesha Project

Youth-Led Charity

The Otesha Project is youth led charity that mobilizes and empowers people of all ages to build a more sustainable and just world through our everyday actions, lifestyle choices, consumption habits, and community engagement. Each year The Otesha Project organizes teams of volunteers to cycle sections of the country, exploring issues ranging from Aboriginal justice to food security, and delivering Otesha’s award-winning brand of environmental education in schools.
5 Ways to Feed Your Inner Locavore This Shutterstock / v.schlichting

5 Ways to Feed Your Inner Locavore This Summer

People are more aware of their environmental impact and conscientious about their meals. The question "what's for dinner?" no longer suffices. Local foodies also want to know where that dinner came from, how it was grown and who did the growing. Here are a few reasons why buying local matters.
06/24/2015 06:07 EDT