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Kirsten Powley

Travel blogger, London born and bred, ex-Melbournian and currently living in Toronto.

Born and bred in London, half-Czech, a stint studying abroad in Melbourne and currently living in Toronto, I have a major love for travel. <br> <br> It all started with childhood trips skiing in the French Alps and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. After studying abroad in Australia, I was officially hooked on exploring the world and created my travel blog, <br> <br> I love to experience travel in different ways, going from adventurous wild child who decides to skydive, travel solo and move countries to calm, inner grandma who loves to appreciate stunning views and walk aimlessly around a historic city and soak up the culture before cosying up with a good book. <br> <br> Some of my favourite countries (so far!) are Australia, Iceland and France and some of my favourite cities are London, Melbourne, San Francisco, Boston and Prague. <br> <br> I write to inspire other people to travel, appreciate the world we live in and simply to share my experiences.
Women Can And Should Experience The Freedom Of Travelling

Women Can And Should Experience The Freedom Of Travelling Alone

As women, we're taught that the world is dangerous and we should have a man by our side to protect us. Obviously, there are places which are genuinely unsafe for both genders, but the majority of the world should not leave you cowering in fear just because you're female.
03/23/2016 05:30 EDT