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Kokulan Mahendiran

Political Commentator

Kokulan Mahendiran, FRSA, is a passionate entrepreneur and political commentator, interested in politics, law and development. He has completed graduate coursework at both Harvard University and the London School of Economics in addition to undergraduate studies at McGill University.

Mahendiran has worked for both the Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the House of Commons in London, UK. In Montreal, he has held executive positions in various organizations and has been especially involved with the Class Action initiative, serving as co-chair in 2012.

Highly active in civic life, he has also given interviews or been featured in CTV National News, CTV News Montreal, the National Post, the India Journal, Yahoo News,, Newsana, the Bull & Bear and Sirius Radio. He has further written Op-Eds for various publications including the National Post, the Montreal Gazette, and the Huffington Post.

Mahendiran was recognized for his "outstanding service to the community" in 2013 with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2014, Mahendiran was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. He was also awarded the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers, for his contribution "to help others and to build a smart and caring nation," by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.
The Shocking Way That I Was Denied a Vote in the Quebec Tetra Images via Getty Images

The Shocking Way That I Was Denied a Vote in the Quebec Elections

Montreal is my home. If my roots in Ontario and the fact that I am an Anglophone are sufficient reasons to deny me the right to vote in the upcoming elections, the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec seems guilty of blatant voter discrimination and repression. There should be an official review of the revision process and there should be an official enquiry into whether the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (and/or its officials) were in any way influenced by the current government.
03/25/2014 12:40 EDT
Has Canada's Reputation Really Diminished Since Harper Took the Getty

Has Canada's Reputation Really Diminished Since Harper Took the Reins?

While much of the media and many in the opposition like to say that women's rights have faltered under Harper, the Thompson Reuters Foundation actually ranked Canada the best G20 country for women last year on account of its "strong policies against violence and exploitation combined with good access to education and healthcare."
10/28/2013 12:25 EDT
Why We Shouldn't Mourn Getty Images

Why We Shouldn't Mourn CIDA

When I first heard about the dismantling of the Canadian International Development Agency in the government's recent budget, I was rather dismayed. Nonetheless, upon delving into the issue further, it became clear that my initial reaction was quite misguided. International aid from Canada is not coming to an end; the budget has merely initiated the merging of CIDA with the Department of Foreign Affairs. The aim is not to slash aid, but rather to have a more synergized approach to its deliverance in developing countries. The merger of CIDA with DFAIT ensures the money our government spends internationally will be more focused, effective and better reflect and preserve the national interests of Canada.
03/28/2013 12:39 EDT
Open Letter to Pauline Marois, Premier of

Open Letter to Pauline Marois, Premier of Quebec

Dear Premier Marois, Speaking at the infamous Summit on Higher Education you held last month, McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum warned, "The quality of Quebec's teaching and research is at risk." P...
03/07/2013 05:36 EST