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Kolby Solinsky

Born and raised by his parents – Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver – Kolby Solinsky is an “accomplished” journalist and commentator who has never found anything he loves more than movies, sports, and a really good New York Striploin. <br> <br> When he’s not at cheap diners drinking bad coffee, he works. His is the Online Editor for Black Press Media and its 75 newspapers in British Columbia. He also claims he’s educated, having received a BA in Political Science and an MA in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. <br> <br> His is also the creator/editor/slacker behind <a href="" rel="nofollow">White Cover Magazine</a> and an online advertising specialist for Solinsky Consulting Inc., which runs and manages hospital lotteries across Canada.
TV Review: NBC's Rock Center (Dec.

TV Review: NBC's Rock Center (Dec. 5)

The biggest fault of The NBC newsmagazine broadcast Rock Center is that it remains no more than an hour-long extension of Williams' Nightly News, with the occasional bit of humour. While it's intentions are strong and admirable, it feels caught between a talk show and a news program.
12/08/2011 02:36 EST
George Clooney is 2

George Clooney is 2 Kewl

Okay... is it just me, or would a movie starring George Clooney as a middle-aged man in a midlife crisis that takes a job as a salesmen in a women's shoe story be amazing? Sole Food... what about that? Kind of like a sequel to Tom Hanks in Larry Crowne... that could be a 2011/12 version of Armageddon/Deep Impact.
12/06/2011 09:49 EST
I Make Life Decisions Based On

I Make Life Decisions Based On Coffee

The following is a dramatic analysis of how and why coffee runs my life, and why I consult it for advice, inspiration and motivation every day, and why I could never live in a place that routinely charges above $2.50 a cup.
11/05/2011 09:00 EDT
The Cult of

The Cult of Boston

They remind me of the Sirens. They sing you songs about sorrow, about the blues, and they hang out in the lake like Peter
10/05/2011 04:19 EDT
Leave Baseball's Playoffs

Leave Baseball's Playoffs Alone

And, so, after the greatest night of regular season baseball in this 24-year-old man's history, the $41 million Tampa Bay
09/30/2011 04:31 EDT
Dear Sarah, Say it's

Dear Sarah, Say it's Over

NOTE: I often have a problem writing things like these, because they're too serious. The wrong person writing them can be
09/10/2011 09:41 EDT
Welcome Back, Fantasy

Welcome Back, Fantasy Football

Sundays are a new time, a new kind of day. God was once God. Now, God is Aaron Rodgers, or Adrian Peterson, or Ray Rice. In my occasion, I have to put holy faith into Rice. He was my first pick, after all.
08/30/2011 09:26 EDT
Entourage Ending: An Attempt to Hug it

Entourage Ending: An Attempt to Hug it Out

This season is set up to be a phenomenal ending to one of the most loved and yet most criticized shows in recent history. At worst, all they can lose is a lifestyle and, can you really pity them for that? It's a darn good lifestyle.
08/10/2011 02:04 EDT
Rory Mcilroy Is Making Golf Cool

Rory Mcilroy Is Making Golf Cool Again

McIlroy is undoubtedly the light at the end of the Tiger tunnel. But, McIlroy is not here to be Tiger. He's here to show that golf is alive and well, and that it isn't just surviving without Tiger winning every tournament -- it's better.
06/23/2011 05:20 EDT
Real Canucks Fans Wouldn't

Real Canucks Fans Wouldn't Riot

Real Canucks fans realized it wasn't their night and proceeded to shake hands with the Bruins hands around them. Real Canucks fans had honour, like hockey players have honour.
06/19/2011 08:40 EDT