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Komal Minhas

President of KoMedia & Producer of @DreamGirlFilm, telling the powerful stories of female CEOs and entrepreneurs. Meditation | Business | Media | Feminism.

Komal is an entrepreneur, film producer, and angel investor. Her company, KoMedia, is a digital media and film production and distribution company. <br> <br> She is producing the documentary film Dream, Girl with director and producer Erin Bagwell. The film tells the inspiring and ambitious stories of female CEOs and entrepreneurs to inspire this next generation of leaders. <br> <br> Through partnerships with TED and Clinique, and press from New York Magazine, Forbes, and more, this Kickstarter-funded film has gained the world's attention. Komal has spoken at the Cannes International Film Festival, the Mill Valley Film Festival, and at various events across Canada promoting the film and its feminist message. <br> <br> Stay tuned for our launch in the Spring of 2016.
I Did Report It And Today I'll Share It: I Was Sexually Harassed In

I Did Report It And Today I'll Share It: I Was Sexually Harassed In India

My last night in India had a moment like that. It shifted my experience for me, and I'm still working to process what has changed. He said, "men will be men." He manipulated my friendliness, my culture, my joy for life, and passion for my work as an open invitation to remind me that I was indeed in the centre of Delhi.
11/02/2014 05:51 EST
How Meditation Changed My

How Meditation Changed My Life

In August 2010, I was attending week three of a youth conference and found myself deep in meditation, sobbing as if I had just emerged from the womb. Here I was, in the middle of Berlin deep in meditation, with the photo of an older Indian man with long hair and in white robes at the front of the room, feeling at my very core that my life was about to change dramatically.
10/16/2014 12:58 EDT
As A Small Town Girl, I'm Proof Success Is Not Location

As A Small Town Girl, I'm Proof Success Is Not Location Dependent

When I tell people I am from Grande Prairie, Alberta their response is usually surprise followed by some sort of joke or comment related to being red neck. Well, this small town girl has a big heart and even bigger dreams. I am at my core a country girl and my, oh my, has it served me well.
08/22/2014 05:09 EDT
My Hundred-Foot Journey to Acceptance From My

My Hundred-Foot Journey to Acceptance From My Family

Tonight as I watched the poetry that is <em>The Hundred-Foot Journey</em>, a part of me broke open. As I explained to my aunt and my mom when we came home after the film - sharing such a beautiful story of acceptance of our magnificent Indian culture, in the setting of the often ethnocentrically perceived nation of France, is indicative of the hope and pockets of beauty embedded within profound change and transition.
08/16/2014 12:25 EDT