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Kori McLaine

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Kori McLaine is a busy professional and the founder of Minimelle, a blog about simplifying one's life and focusing on what is important. Kori writes about realistic minimalism and the effect that reducing one's possessions can have on happiness.
Life Changing New Year's Resolutions For

Life Changing New Year's Resolutions For 2016

In preparation for the upcoming new year, I made this list of ten resolutions that are realistic, yet also have the potential to be truly life changing. I also wanted to beat my previous record of forgetting about my resolution by mid-February, so I have included a three-step process to help you and I accomplish what we set out to do.
12/31/2015 02:45 EST
15 Ways To Start

15 Ways To Start Over

Have you ever felt like your world is over, then a few weeks or months later felt happier than ever? I'm always surprised how quickly I bounce back when things don't go my way. I think it's because when one thing ends, it presents an amazing opportunity to renew yourself and recreate your priorities.
11/09/2015 01:08 EST
50 Things to Be Thankful for Every

50 Things to Be Thankful for Every Day

In the spirit of giving thanks, I decided to go public with some of the entries in my gratitude journal. My goal was to compile a list of things that not only myself, but many others can also feel thankful for. As you read this list, try to figure out how many of these blessings you have experienced in your own life.
10/14/2015 11:50 EDT