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k-os is pioneering Canadian hip-hop artist. He’s twice gone platinum, toured with Drake, recorded with The Chemical Brothers, won a Source award, won multiple JUNO and MMVA Awards (with a staggering combined 34 nominations!) and was a 2005 Grammy-nominee. Innovative, provocative, ground-breaking and fearless – the world’s only artist to record with both Saukrates and Broken Social Scene – k-os released the seminal album Joyful Rebellion in 2004, featuring the smash hits “Crabbuckit,” “Man I Used to Be” and “B-Boy Stance.” His star-studded latest record is BLack on Blonde, Canadian hip-hop’s first double-album which offers one record of rock tunes, on which k-os sings and plays drums, guitar and bass, and one of old-school hip hop jams.
Why Women Hate Anne Hathaway: A Man's

Why Women Hate Anne Hathaway: A Man's Perspective

From a guys perspective it makes no sense to compare Jennifer to Anne. Simply because one is a Jennifer, and the other one is an Anne. That's just the way it is. Can they both exist, walk the red carpet, win an Oscar and call it a gorgeous night? Not really.
03/05/2013 12:12 EST
Does Pitchfork Have a Race pitchfork

Does Pitchfork Have a Race Problem?

Why did Pitchfork Media take Chief Keef -- a 17-year-old rapper who has had a history of trouble with the law and who was placed on probation after a 2011 incident in which he pointed a gun at police officers -- to a gun range for a featured interview? I think the people behind these types of websites act in weak and racist ways. But they hide their racist actions behind humour or tongue in cheek "indie irony." This new yuppie form of fear racism and ignorance is subversive and dangerous because the images being presented to the world constantly frame rap and black people in a very violent and specific way.
02/07/2013 02:49 EST