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Kris Constable

Privacy and Security Expert , Entrepreneur

Kris Constable is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer in privacy and security, entrepreneur, owner of One Day Website, organizer of IdeaWave, and likes to do things he thinks are awesome.

Thanks For Protecting Those With Something To Hide

As Data #PrivacyDay winds to an end, I didn't get to participate actively as I'm finishing my night at almost midnight and have a first call at 7am with folks in a certain developing country on anothe...
02/01/2016 02:32 EST

Encryption Is Necessary For Data Protection

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, there is a question in the media asking if the terrorists used encryption. To continue using the internet as you know it, you have to use encryption. Unless you want to have your medical health history online for all to read, and end shopping online altogether, we rely on encryption to protect our information.
11/20/2015 03:19 EST
Kohei Hara

Your Devices Will Soon Be Listening to You

The year 2015 will be remembered, amongst other things, as the year your devices started listening and watching you. Until now, to have your device listen to you, it usually required you actively interact with the device, such as pressing a listen or record button, for it to engage.
06/25/2015 12:46 EDT

Have You Made an Informed Decision to Use Facebook?

Privacy commissioners regulate laws, they don't go on privacy witch hunts to make companies' lives difficult. There are lots of economic opportunities to do bad things, but society is at a shift where many people want to see the respectful thing done, and Facebook is not choosing the respectful thing here.
05/19/2015 07:59 EDT
TommL via Getty Images

Are You Obligated to Provide Your Password at the Border?

There are already some technical experts suggesting you use duress passwords that wipe your device, but I would not recommend that -- that could have negative affects if you are considered to be tampering with evidence, or obstruction. I suggest you are better off in a position where you do not know your password, or exercise silence if in Canada.
03/10/2015 12:14 EDT

Awesome Sh*t Club Is Giving Away Money As Long As You Have A Great Idea

People would pitch us whatever awesome thing they would do with money. Whoever won, would get the entire pot of cash, no strings attached. Awesome Shit Club was born. I thought that since our beer consumption encouraged the name and concept that the event would die or at least stay underground, but it's had the opposite effect.
01/06/2015 06:46 EST

Race To Centralize Your Medical Info Creates A Single Point For Hackers

These electronic health record databases will be hacked and sold. Unlike the dynamic balance in the case of a bank account compromise, your entire medical history will not change, and will always be valuable. Your medical information is already worth more than credit card data, so why in the world would our governments be racing to be putting this in a centralized place, creating a single point for hackers?
10/04/2014 01:50 EDT

Facebook Messenger Permissions Come Down To Trust

The risk is, we don't know when Facebook, or any app, actually uses these permissions, and I don't think we want to find out after-the-fact that it's been recording me since I installed it, just to sell to advertisers. So until Google improves the Android architecture by allowing us more control over what permissions an app can access at any given time, it comes down to trust.
08/15/2014 04:58 EDT
Thomas Jackson via Getty Images

3 Tools to Protect Your Data From Surveillance

All the tools I recommend are open source, means you don't have to trust me, you can download the source code and look at it yourself before using it. They are absolutely required for protecting your personal, and business data from unauthorized eavesdropping, which happens by default for anything you do online.
03/08/2014 01:19 EST

Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID

It's worth noting perhaps that my career has been around privacy and security, and so this really flustered me. After years of loyal service, when I've already provided AirBnB with access to my home address, phone number, and social media accounts, they've taken it a step further and decided that wasn't enough.
03/03/2014 12:21 EST