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Krista Thompson

President, Boomerang Kids Franchise Corporation

Krista Thompson is the co-owner of Boomerang Kids Franchise Corporation, a chain of consignment stores with nine locations across Ontario and Québec. She also co-owns Rikochet Resale, a two-store chain of adult consignment stores. An Ottawa-based mother of three, she has been buying and selling children’s clothing, toys and equipment since 1999.

Krista has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, communications specialist and management consultant. Prior to Boomerang Kids, Krista held senior roles for global firms Hill & Knowlton, IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers specializing in culture change, change management, business transformation, internal communications and human resource management. Prior to management consulting, Krista spent 4 years as a broadcast journalist. Krista has a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, with a double major in Political Science and Communications. She also holds a Liberal Arts Degree from Cottey College in Missouri. Krista lives in Nepean, Ontario with her husband and three daughters.
Women Don't Have to Act Like Men To Be

Women Don't Have to Act Like Men To Be Successful

I like a good joke and going to the bar. But I also like being my authentic self. At the WPO conference, women demonstrated their female qualities without apology. In fact, women's natural leadership tendencies to convene, facilitate and define problems for team resolution were well on display.
04/30/2014 05:36 EDT
Six Reasons to Second-Hand

Six Reasons to Second-Hand Shop

Television shows like Storage Wars, American Pickers and Pawn Star celebrate the treasure hunt of resale shopping. Across all age groups, more people are buying used clothing, children's items and home decor for six reasons. The stigma of buying used clothing and accesories is dead.
04/09/2014 10:00 EDT
My Depression Is My Own

My Depression Is My Own Responsibility

Nine months ago I triggered depression by my desire to rapidly grow my business. I came up against a brick wall of negative beliefs about my ability to grow the business. The breakdown occurred because I wanted to succeed and the voice inside my head kept repeating old thoughts about why I couldn't or shouldn't fail.
03/31/2014 05:39 EDT
This Kid Stuff Laying Around Your House Could Make You

This Kid Stuff Laying Around Your House Could Make You Money

Cribs are very popular, and there aren't enough on the resale market. Most parents hang onto one crib for all of their children, and a Health Canada ban on drop side cribs took most cribs off the market a few years ago. This means that if you have a resale crib to sell, it will go fast, as long as you have all of the parts and original instructions.
03/28/2014 12:08 EDT
Women Should Embrace Their Sexual

Women Should Embrace Their Sexual Power

You have the power of sexuality. Step into it and embrace it fully. It is yours. You get to choose to have as much sex as you want, with as many partners as you want. You have complete control over your body and it is your responsibility to keep your body safe and healthy.
03/24/2014 12:25 EDT
How To Make More Money Selling Your Kids'

How To Make More Money Selling Your Kids' Stuff

Commit to selling off the items that your child doesn't use anymore each season. If you're enterprising, you may even "flip" children's items by picking up high quality children's clothes, equipment and toys at garage sales and doubling your money through resale stores.
03/19/2014 05:20 EDT