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Kristen Marano

I interview women in business.

I'm passionate about women in business, and sharing stories of the emotional challenges they face in the work they do. These stories are also shared on You Inc., an online community for entrepreneurs.
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In Saigon, Style Reigns by Scooter

While walking, I spotted a handsome young man wearing a thin cotton sapphire dress shirt. He lifted the collar, left one button undone and tucked a black and red scarf into the neck of the shirt. Army green trousers popped the blue shirt, which he accessorized with a retro, faded black helmet and brown leather messenger bag.
06/02/2014 11:17 EDT

The Sketchbook Project Brings Art to the Masses

The Sketchbook Project is a collection of more than 27,000 sketchbooks from 135 countries. The crowd-funded project, dubbed a traveling library of artists' sketchbooks, started in 2010 and invites people -- artistic or not -- to tell their stories by filling and donating sketchbooks.
06/11/2013 12:14 EDT