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Kristian Foster

Advocate for children and families everywhere.

Kristian Foster is a communicator for World Vision Canada, building on her life-long love for children to give children better lives. By day, she tracks Canadians’ reading and viewing patterns, looking for the best ways to reach them with powerful stories of children around the world. By night and weekend, she’s a proud volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.
Tanzania Burst My Heart Wide

Tanzania Burst My Heart Wide Open

Visiting Tanzania in September changed my perception of what it's really like to go without. The people we met survive with the bare necessities. A roof over their heads, basic clothing and just enough food to survive. Yet, we witnessed such joy and hope in them, and for this, I fell in love with Tanzania.
12/22/2016 12:07 EST
Animal Poop Is Changing

Animal Poop Is Changing Lives

Since travelling to Tanzania this September I have a more useful way of looking at addressing food scarcity. I got to see World Vision at work providing communities with the tools necessary to create a sustainable living. We met fish farmers, bee farmers, food and milk processing workers, and saw water projects that helped farmers feed multiple communities.
10/31/2016 01:19 EDT
Helping Victims of Violence Against Women - Like My

Helping Victims of Violence Against Women - Like My Mother

In university, my gender relations professor asked us to interview someone about their history with violence. I decided to interview my mom. This was the first time I learned that, before I was even born, she had been kidnapped and raped.
11/25/2013 12:27 EST
The Congo War: How Do We Create Order from the

The Congo War: How Do We Create Order from the Chaos?

Only six months had passed since thousands of families were forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo. Families don't know when or how they'll be able to go home. But one thing is certain: The World Vision DRC staff is now equipped to do the best job possible for those in need.
08/13/2013 05:13 EDT