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Kristin Wiens

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Kristin Wiens is a Registered Dietitian and Canadian expat based in Newark, DE. She holds a Master of Science from the University of British Columbia and has worked as both a clinician and researcher. She is a member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Canadian Obesity Network.
Food Fight! Alternative

Food Fight! Alternative Proteins

From laboratory-produced ground beef to the eco-benefits of insects as a protein source, many scientists believe we need to shift our palates from traditional proteins to more sustainable options. How does algae stack up against chicken? Could you swap your steak for some crickets?
07/23/2015 12:23 EDT
Heal the Burn: How Nutrition Affects Sun

Heal the Burn: How Nutrition Affects Sun Protection

While complete sun abstinence is unlikely for most of us, sun "awareness" and proper sunscreen use are the most important things you can do to prevent sunburns and reduce your risk of skin cancer. There is growing evidence that the foods you consume may influence risk and offer some protection.
07/12/2015 09:45 EDT
How to Get the Health Benefits From Fermented

How to Get the Health Benefits From Fermented Foods

Most proponents attribute the beneficial effects of eating fermented foods to the presence of natural probiotics, those friendly little gut bacteria and yeast inhabiting our gut. But not all fermented foods are a source of probiotics.
07/09/2015 12:45 EDT
Let Them Eat

Let Them Eat Soup!

The halcyon days of salad-loving summer may be long over, but does this mean we are all doomed to gain weight? Salad is a bastion of weight loss diets everywhere, but there is a new weight control food in town - soup!
12/11/2013 02:57 EST
Eat This! Leafy Winter

Eat This! Leafy Winter Greens

Kale, schmale! Of course, we are joking - we love kale - but there are a variety of delicious and nutritious leafy greens available this time of year.
11/27/2013 02:33 EST
Phosphate Additives: The Next Trans

Phosphate Additives: The Next Trans Fat?

Phosphorus is a mineral people rarely think about. Sure, it's important for bone health but it doesn't get nearly the same press and attention as calcium and vitamin D. That's because most of us get plenty of phosphorus in our diets from meat, milk, grains and, increasingly so, from processed food.
11/25/2013 12:16 EST