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Online Marketing Consultant, Author & Speaker

Krizia (aka Miss K) is an Authority Maker!

In just a couple of years of having a vision to first create an online beauty magazine and then a health magazine, she was able to sell both of them in May 2011 to American investors for several tens of thousands of dollars.

Currently, Krizia enables successful business owners Be Heard, Be Seen, Be The Authority by capturing their knowledge into A Non-Fiction Book and leveraging that expertise into lucrative online training programs! She also helps non-fiction authors share who they are, the story behind the book and the purpose behind the book via strategic book marketing & book promotion campaigns.

Krizia also helps her client create an Authority presence online that will help them attract more ideal & high quality clients by optimizing their online branding and online marketing strategies.

Krizia was featured in June 2013 in a 2-page article in Forbes magazine for her expertise with Google+ Hangouts.

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The Secret to Success in Business? Realizing Money is Not a Good or Bad Getty

The Secret to Success in Business? Realizing Money is Not a Good or Bad Thing

One of the most powerful aspects of having a striving business is being able to give from a place of total abundance. You know when you can write a cheque to your favourite charity without feeling like you're robbing Paul to donate to John. That's when you know that you've been successful at managing the negative mind chatter.
10/21/2013 12:30 EDT
6 Things to Know Before You Shutterstock

6 Things to Know Before You Self-Publish

Self-publishing is a lot of work and when done well, it can surely offer you an incredible opportunity to take control over your own destiny, but by all means, it's not a magic pill. If you're considering getting into the self-publishing arena, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started.
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10 Ways That Stories Sell Getty

10 Ways That Stories Sell Businesses

As humans being, we're hardwired to engage with a good story. That's how we learn as children and that's how we continue to enjoy learning as adults. If you ask any advertising expert and they'll tell you that a good story can sell pretty much any product. Storytelling can also help a business retain clients and sell more of their products, but few businesses tap into the power of storytelling. Don't make that mistake.
08/06/2013 12:13 EDT
A Video Diary Engages

A Video Diary Engages Readers

Videos and authors go hand in hand yet few authors have been tapping into the power of video marketing. It's true that just a few years ago figuring out video marketing and YouTube marketing required...
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Can Webinars Boost Your Getty Images

Can Webinars Boost Your Profits?

Webinars are a powerful way for business owners to connect with their audience. With the explosion of platforms such as Google+ Hangouts which are perfect for this type of intimate webinar, it's easy to connect face-to-face with clients in a way that was inconceivable even a few years ago.
05/13/2013 05:15 EDT
Understanding Clients and Delivering on Your

Understanding Clients and Delivering on Your Promise

Like so many entrepreneurs, Sarah Coronado and four other business partners set out to build their company to deal with a major frustration -- the fact that petite women had a really hard time finding jeans that fit correctly.
05/09/2013 08:15 EDT
What Deepak Chopra Can Do for Your AP

What Deepak Chopra Can Do for Your Business

Transformational author, Deepak Chopra was the one who really brought The Law of Detachment to light for many of us. The Law of Detachment would want us to let go of the ultimate outcome once we know that we've taken all the steps necessary (a.k.a. hard work) to make those business dreams come true.
03/04/2013 12:22 EST
Starting a Successful Business During a

Starting a Successful Business During a Recession

Nellie Akalp started her second company in the middle of a recession. You'll absolutely want to find out how she was able to successfully navigate one of the most challenging time for most small businesses. Is it easier the second time around? You'll find out when you listen to my interview with Nellie Akalp.
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How I Feng Shui'd My Life and shutterstock

How I Feng Shui'd My Life and Business

Essentially FengShui is the principle of de-cluttering our home and home office to make room for more! This was one lesson that took a lot of time for me to implement because there were so many projects I had started that were piled up in ever corner of my home and office.
02/18/2013 05:47 EST
Three Key Ways to Make a

Three Key Ways to Make a Sale

The real drama for entrepreneurs is that your ability to present your product or program is directly related to you being able to remain in business! The bottom line is if you're too uncomfortable to present your business in a way that can entice potential paying clients, you're in trouble.
02/09/2013 11:52 EST
Building a Multi-Million Dollar Empire In One Alamy

Building a Multi-Million Dollar Empire In One Year

Dorian and Ilissa are two California entrepreneurs who have taken women's obsession for shoes and created a multi-million dollar empire because they allow women to have their cake and eat it too. You'll be very inspired by this interview and you might even want to grab a pair of Milk and Honey Shoes for your own collection.
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An Internet Millionaire by Age Shutterstock

An Internet Millionaire by Age 26

I had been following Erica Douglass (via her blog) for a while before I asked her for an interview. Her story of selling her company at age 26 for over one million dollars is mind blowing, but that's not the most amazing thing about Erica...
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VIDEO: The Importance of Pre-Selling Alamy

VIDEO: The Importance of Pre-Selling Clients

Dane Maxwell could be mistaken for just another entrepreneur, but the reality is that Dane is far more than that. He's smart, strategic, caring, a savvy entrepreneur and he's shaking up a lot of the old ways of building an online business. There are so many more golden nuggets in this interview -- far too many to count. I hope you'll take the time to listen to it.
09/15/2012 08:13 EDT
The Woman Who's Trying to End Mental Health SRC

The Woman Who's Trying to End Mental Health Stigma

Thursday, September 13, 2012 marks the 4th Annual Hats On For Awareness gala! The event started in 2008 by my good friend Enza Cecchia and her partner in this crusade, Benny Caringi. Like all previous events, this is a night to bring attention to those suffering in the shadows of mental illness and addiction. I was lucky enough to interview Enza & Benny who shared some pretty jaw-dropping facts about mental illness.
09/11/2012 05:17 EDT
One Mom's Hairstyle Savvy Made her a YouTube AP

One Mom's Hairstyle Savvy Made her a YouTube Sensation

Stay-at-home mom Mindy McKnight was constantly being stopped by women wanting to know how she created those cute hairstyles for her daughters. In 2009, Mindy's husband suggested she film her hairstyles for girls and she then started sharing them on YouTube. She posted her first video on YouTube on March 17, 2009 and ever since, her life has been a real dream!
09/05/2012 05:14 EDT
This Woman Launched a Successful Business in her 50s...and You Can Alamy

This Woman Launched a Successful Business in her 50s...and You Can Too!

Ava Bise clearly shows it's never too late to get into business for yourself since she launched YouBar in 2006 with her son Anthony when she was in her mid-50s! The company creates the yummiest custom-made protein bars on the planet! What impresses me the most is that Ava redefines what being a female Baby Boomer means -- she's active, fit and she started a business at an age where most think of retirement. She took what others would consider a huge risk, but in true entrepreneurial spirit she fearlessly took a great idea to market!
08/20/2012 05:11 EDT
The Place Where Female Bloggers Flock AFP

The Place Where Female Bloggers Flock [VIDEO] started out as a forum where women could feel involved and included in the world of technology which was predominantly dominated by men. Today, has grown into the most important community of mostly female bloggers on the Internet. The accomplishments these women have achieved in the last few years is nothing short of mind-blowing. Check out my interview with one of's co-founders.
07/04/2012 04:23 EDT