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Ksenia Solo


Ksenia Solo is a three-time Gemini Award winning actress and 2013 Canadian Screen Award Nominee. She is best known for her roles in Black Swan, Life Unexpected and Lost Girl, and is an advocate for polio eradication. Follow Ksenia on Twitter @KseniaSolo. Photo by David Leyes

How a Ballerina Can Inspire Us to Eradicate Polio

Afternoon of a Faun, a documentary by Nancy Buriski, tells the incredible story of Tanaquil "Tanny" Le Clercq, a world-renowned ballerina who was struck down at the height of her career by polio. The good news is that earlier this year, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative launched a plan to achieve a polio-free world by 2018.
10/24/2013 05:06 EDT
Rotary International

To the Women Who Fight Polio: You Are My Heroes

I stand behind the women around the globe who are leading the charge against polio and working relentlessly to achieve a polio-free world. As mothers and women from local communities unite in the fight against the disease, we too must take action to protect the lives of children, no matter where they live.
03/08/2013 11:16 EST