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Kyle Thomas


Kyle Thomas is a Canadian filmmaker, musician, and founding member of the North Country Cinema media arts collective based in Calgary, Alberta. A graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal, Kyle has produced a body of short- format work that has screened widely at major international festivals. Not Far From The Abattoir (2011) was presented in official competition at SXSW, and received directing awards at the Calgary and Edmonton International Film Festivals. Kyle was recently named one of “10 Canadians to Watch at Cannes” by Telefilm Canada, who are presenting his new film, The Post (2013), as part of their Not Short On Talent program at this year's Cannes Film Market. Kyle is currently in pre-production on his first feature film, Down In The Valley, a multi-narrative drama set in the badlands of rural Alberta. This project is funded by Telefilm Canada, and is targeted for completion in 2014.
Cannes Diary: Know Your Voice and Nurture Getty Images

Cannes Diary: Know Your Voice and Nurture It

I walked away from Cannes this year with an affirming sense that I am indeed on the right path, and that I must stay focused on developing my craft as a filmmaker. I believe that developing a strong cinematic voice is essential to building a meaningful and sustainable career in this industry.
05/25/2013 08:38 EDT
Cannes Diary: What To Watch (and Wear) at Shutterstock

Cannes Diary: What To Watch (and Wear) at Cannes

I was filled with an incredible energy as I stepped onto the red carpet. This is the top of the mountain in the narrative film world, and walking up those steps provided a powerful reminder of my love for this craft. Once you've had a taste of the red carpet, you simply want more!
05/21/2013 12:41 EDT
Cannes Diary: What It Means To Getty Images

Cannes Diary: What It Means To "Get Into Cannes"

Folks who might not normally give you the time of day will gladly chat with you at Cannes. Maybe it's because it is apparent that you are serious about what you are doing, or maybe it's because they are drunk; either way, it does happen. A lot of Cannes is about putting yourself out there and being ready to go with the flow.
05/18/2013 08:46 EDT