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Laila Eman

Media Relations Specialist

Laila Eman is a media relations specialist. Small town girl with big city ambitions.
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Dear 20-Somethings, Stop Settling

I am urging you to stop settling, don't settle for the job that "pays" enough or gives you that "title" you want, because in the end it will only give short-term happiness. If we stop settling and start fighting for the job/lifestyle we want to invest our years with, we will then get a real sense of happiness and fulfillment.
11/13/2015 01:38 EST

Today Isn't Just the First Day of Spring

Mother Nature may be playing a bad joke on us, but today marks the first day of spring, which is the Persian New Year (Nowrūz)! I consider myself a Persian Canadian -- even though I haven't had the ch...
03/20/2014 04:10 EDT

Beating the Winter Blues in Wine Country Niagara

For all my Sagittarian, Capricorn, fellow Aquarians and Pisces who dread the cold winter line ups, and are sick and tired of feeling old when bumping into friends' younger siblings at the local pub, I have an alternative option for you to consider from your friendly neighbors in Niagara: WINERIES!
02/27/2014 04:42 EST

How I Learned to Rule My Mind Through Vipassana

Did you know that only 19 percent of Canadians stick with their New Year's resolutions for an entire year? As the first month of the New Year is upon us, how are your resolutions going? Are you hittin...
02/11/2014 01:09 EST