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Laila Yuile

Freelance Writer, Political Blogger

Laila Yuile is an independent freelance writer and political blogger. She’s a regular contributor to several online papers, has provided political commentary for radio and television in B.C and has broken many provocative stories on her site, that have been covered by national and provincial media. She keeps a close watch on the activities of the B.C government, as well as China’s increasing interests in Canadian resources and technology. Although she makes her home on the west coast, she deeply values the unique perspective her rural roots in northern B.C. bring to both her writing and commentary.

Adrian Dix's Election Grit Came Too Little Too Late

The complacency for most of the B.C. NDP campaign was stunning.Dix backed himself into a corner with this entire positive, nice-nice, err on the side of caution theme. When he did begin to fight back against the attacks, it was just too late. The NDP began to look extremely hypocritical.
05/16/2013 12:32 EDT
Flickr: BC Gov

Christy Clark's Impotence Joke About Ex Falls Flat

Frankly, the hypocrisy between what Christy Clark says and what she does is stunning, dwarfed only by her inability to understand why she is so low in the polls. It comes down to character and integrity -- unfortunately for Clark, voters seem to think she has little of either, and with limp jokes like this, it's no wonder.
03/11/2013 02:48 EDT
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How Christy Clark Set The Standard For Vulgar Questions, Innuendo

I'm still shaking my head at a column by the Times-Colonist's editor-in-chief on the double standard being applied to poor Christy Clark who was asked by a radio DJ if she would rather be a MILF or a cougar. She sure did answer the quickly... with the worst answer a politician could have come up with, male or female.
01/02/2013 06:15 EST

B.C. Government Denies Cancelling Christmas Gifts For Kids In Care

"Any claim that the ministry will not be supplying Christmas gifts for children in care is absolutely inaccurate and it is very concerning that this erroneous message was sent to a client," said B.C. Children and Families ministry. We have two sources making the same allegations, an email transcript backing up those allegations and a government denying all of it.
12/18/2012 07:11 EST

Santa's Top 5 Naughty B.C. Liberals

Children everywhere are writing to Santa, hoping that they haven't made the naughty list. Turns out that it's not only children who should be worried this year. I received a tip recently from a source in the North Pole and Santa is more than a little upset with the B.C. Liberals. I was happy to help him assemble the top 5 naughty list in B.C. politics.
12/10/2012 03:43 EST

Bait And Switch Toll Reduction Won't Help B.C. Liberals

The question is, will a reduction in tolls make any difference at all to hardened voters weary of the endless stream of politicking from Christy Clark, the second most unpopular premier in Canada? I don't think so. The Liberals are using the old bait and switch trick, one they've perfected over the last 10 years. Sure we get a discount at first, but eventually we're all going to be paying -- for the rest of our lives.
09/12/2012 06:43 EDT

A B.C. Government For The People, Not At The Expense Of The People

I've written much about the air of entitlement this government has come to display, an attitude which sets an example from the top of government for all the levels below. How can one expect any government executive or bureacrat to display restraint when those in charge demonstrate a proclivity for excess? The truth is the average person is British Columbia just doesn't even listen to any of this bizarre hypocrisy anymore. The average person in this province is still struggling to make ends meet. Whether or not it's the most basic of needs such as food and shelter, or meeting mortgage and car payments, most people in this province are far removed from the reality of luxurious "vacations" oops I mean, conferences in Nairobi.
08/29/2012 03:26 EDT

The Crux Of The Matter: MLA Failures All Around

We are, for so many reasons, at a very crucial juncture in the history and future of this province. Environmentally, financially, socially... so much of where we go and what we leave for our children and our grandchildren hinges on the next election. This is crux of the matter. This is why, examining every party, every candidate, every leader is crucial. This is why, more now than ever, we must ask the questions especially when we hear promises because we know what happens when we don't. I don't care if it's NDP Leader Adrian Dix making promises, or Conservative Leader John Cummins, or B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark. I wouldn't feel like I was doing right by each of you if I didn't examine, poke, prod and question.
08/24/2012 06:10 EDT

Little-Known Pipeline Paves Way For Enbridge Under Radar Of British Columbians

If there is one thing that can be said about all the attention directed to Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project, it is that it's provided ample distraction for other projects and issues to move along without getting the same ass-kicking Enbridge is. Take for example, the Pacific Trails Pipeline project ( also referred to as the KSL line). With minimal media coverage during the approval process, it has by and large flown completely under the radar of most British Columbians. That's a damn shame in my opinion, and I'm going to tell you why.
08/21/2012 03:30 EDT

B.C. Politics in a Word: Fallacious

I love the word fallacious. I love how it sounds, (slightly naughty, as it rolls off my tongue ) but more so, I love that I've finally found one word that so accurately sums of the state of politics in B.C. They are completely fallacious and voters in B.C. are left hanging in the middle of war words and media strategies where the goal is power -- rather than good government.
08/16/2012 08:06 EDT