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Larry Innes

Executive Director, CBI

Larry is the Executive Director of CBI, where he leads collaborative conservation efforts involving First Nations, environmental and industry partners across Canada’s Boreal region.

Over the past four years, CBI and its partners have worked to designate some 40 million acres for conservation, largely by supporting First Nation-led conservation and land use planning initiatives. Larry has over a decade of experience in this area, having advised and represented the Innu of Labrador and several other First Nations addressing major mining, forestry and hydroelectric developments.

Larry holds a law degree from the University of Victoria, a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, and is also a graduate of McMaster University’s interdisciplinary Arts & Science Program. He is called to the bar in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador, and practices with Olthuis, Kleer, Townshend, a Toronto law firm specializing in Aboriginal and environmental law
Google Earth Brings Canada's Boreal to

Google Earth Brings Canada's Boreal to Life

Canada's boreal forest represents wealth and opportunity for development, but such activities must be thoughtfully planned and managed if we are to maintain the boreal's ecological values. There are few places left on the planet where waterways and vast wetlands remain alongside intact forest ecosystems.
10/13/2011 12:00 EDT