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Larry Leach

Community Advertising Sales Representative

Larry is an advertising sales rep for 21 Calgary Community Newsletters and "Here's the Scoop" in Airdrie. He is chair of ARTICS a Calgary based education group (, 1st Vice President for Crossroads Community Association (@crossroadscomm), Board Member Cornerstone Youth Centre (@CornerstoneYYC) and Past President of Deerfoot Soccer (@deerfootsoccer). In 2013 Larry was the recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

His advertising blogs (2011 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee) can be found at and Calgary Public Education blogs at Follow on Twitter @larryleachYYC or @ARTICSchair

Confessions of a Minecraft Dad

The game of Minecraft to a 40-something like myself looks like a 16 bit, pointless exercise. To a preteen of today, it has become obsession.
01/07/2014 02:27 EST

Have you Ever Been to a Lego Event? Here's Your Chance

For those of us who are a certain vintage, Lego was coloured bricks of 2, 4 and 8 dimples that one could use to build square things like houses. If you were lucky, you had some wheels to build a rectangular car.
01/03/2014 03:53 EST

CBE Spending Public Dollars for Public Perception

In as much as the media can and should not ignore good stories that speak to the public interest, the communications team at the CBE is also limited by what it can say to justify what are, quite frankly, bad decisions.
12/30/2013 05:42 EST
Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

The Face of Advertising is Changing (Or Is It?)

In 2013, one of the most common refrains I heard while selling print ads to small business owners was "We are concentrating on our online advertising". There is no doubt there is, and should be, an upward trend towards owning your online footprint. However, the idea of marketing exclusively online for a brick and mortar business is unwise to say the least. Conversely, an online business should not close their minds to traditional advertising.
12/28/2013 08:42 EST

Is the UAE a growth opportunity for Canadian Business?

Many Oil executives will tell you that business is flat in Canada these days. As the Government of Alberta navigates the political landmine known as "pipelines" and explores new markets abroad, the business world is cautious.
11/29/2013 02:33 EST

Canadian Soccer Aims for the World Cup

It has been many years since Canada has qualified for the World Cup in soccer. It was 1986. Tony Waiters, who had moved from his English homeland working for Liverpool FC in 1977 to coach the NASL's Vancouver Whitecaps coached the Canadian squad.
11/25/2013 11:48 EST

Calgary National Sports School Plan Lacks Transparency

While one might think, this is a creative way to build a school, and it is, the democratic process needs to be followed. It must be viewed through the lens of equity in Public Education. Information needs to be transparent if the public is expected to support it.
11/30/2012 02:58 EST

Is the Calgary Board of Education About to Widen Inequity Amongst Students?

So currently we have a vast inequity in our Alberta public education system, which is likely to grow as programs like the sports school and other new innovative projects get corporate sponsorship dollars while community schools filled with new Canadians are afforded the simple bare bones basics.
11/01/2012 12:37 EDT

What Corporations In Calgary Classrooms May Look Like

This is not "Pie in the Sky", "what if" thinking. The policy is there, today and real. Agreements with corporations may be already on the works or even in place? Currently there is no mechanism for these agreements to be made public until the Corporation and the Calgary Board of Education administration decide it is time for us to know. Our publicly funded, taxpayer owned schools, branded to influence minors, right here in Calgary.
10/31/2012 01:23 EDT

Public, Corporate Funded Education - Is this Good?

The Calgary Board of Education has recently opened the door to the naming of classrooms to corporate sponsorship. Naming of classrooms or programs leads to some very fundamental questions about public education and has many drawbacks. One of which is if you allow Coca Cola a five year deal on a school gym, why not another school sponsored by Pepsi? If they can sponsor a high school gym, how about a junior high? A middle school? An elementary?
10/29/2012 02:28 EDT

Marco Adbi, Calgary Restaurantuer To Head Abu Dhabi Business Centre

Marco Adbi, Calgary Restaurantuer has been facilitating business between Canadian companies and the United Arab Emirates royal family for 30 years and is now heading a business centre in Abu Dhabi to make it easier for Canadians to do business in the fastest growing economy in the world.
10/05/2012 06:05 EDT
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Working at Zellers Taught Me Everything I Know

You never know where you'll learn important life lessons. When I heard that Zellers was being bought by Target, I suddenly remembered all the things I had learnt while working there. It was my first job, but someone there taught me something that's sticks with me still to do this day...
05/26/2012 11:16 EDT

How to Kill an Ad Campaign

The relationship between a customer and a business is more like dating than a marriage. Do one thing to upset a customer and they will storm out and never come back, regardless of how many great years your business has been them.
02/01/2012 04:12 EST
Flickr: dno1967b

Do Focus Groups Tell the Truth?

The lesson, be careful of your perception, be careful of your slogans and make sure that your words and advertising can not be taken the wrong way. Many businesses have learned this the hard way over the years, especially when translating ads into different languages
01/13/2012 10:48 EST

Creating an Emotional Connection to Your Business

If you consider the products and services you purchase, take note of how they make you feel. You may note that how you feel about the product relates to an ad campaign or marketing strategy employed by the product.
01/12/2012 12:26 EST
Wikimedia Commons

Have You Ever Wanted to Mistake a Manatee for a Dolphin?

What's the point of Visa's most recent commercial? It looks as if they want you to think having a Visa card will get you dreaming of travel, but what I take away from it is they want their customers to be stupid and rude. It makes me want to NOT use their product if that's the level of intelligence they think their customers have.
12/31/2011 10:57 EST

Legendary Liverpool to Travel to North America?

If recent rumours I've heard in supporters clubs are true, historic Liverpool Football Club will touch down in North America for a summer tour in 2012. For the typical North American sports fan, this is not such a big story, but some fans are willing to show up as early as 5:45 a.m. to their local watering holes to catch live matches.
12/13/2011 09:32 EST
Flickr: Alaskan Dude

Air Canada: They Can't Say That, Can They?

If you have a large control over an industry and can pay the fines, I believe your ads can claim just about anything. You can upset your customers, bite the hand that feeds you and still do business. If you don't have that industry control, you may want to be a little more truthful in your advertising.
08/22/2011 09:44 EDT

Sports Anthems: For the Love of the Game

I started watching junior and NHL hockey in the 1970s and it was a fun experience to go to a game through the 1980s. One of the staples of the Canadian hockey arena was an organist. They all had the s...
08/18/2011 02:46 EDT

Read the Signs

As an advertising consultant I have always considered it my job to get customers or potential customers to consider your business. It the job of the business owner or manager to get them in the door a...
07/28/2011 11:27 EDT