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Laura Plant

Director of Student Banking at RBC

Laura Plant is the Director of Student Banking at RBC. She had a long road to her goofy MBA grad hat, owing to a decision to go back to school mid-career. She’s also a hockey mom. Laura strongly believes in clear and concise financial advice. Visit or #RBCStudentAdvice on Twitter.
Don't Leave Free Money On The Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Don't Leave Free Money On The Table

From the students I've talked to, many think that scholarship and bursaries are only available to top grade earners, but the truth is -- that there are many options available for students across every discipline of study, diverse background and level of study. The catch to getting this free money?
12/21/2016 04:34 EST
The B-Word That Everyone NakoPhotography via Getty Images

The B-Word That Everyone Hates

It's the most powerful tool in our financial toolkit -- so why do so many of us run screaming from this exercise? At its most basic level, it's a personal money plan requiring a little bit of addition and subtraction. It's a plan that allows you to take control of your financial situation and live within your means.
11/11/2016 02:24 EST
4 Tips To Help Students Achieve Their Financial Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

4 Tips To Help Students Achieve Their Financial Goals

Great Expectations is more than just a book on an English lit syllabus -- it is what most first-year post-secondary students start out with. I know I did. I went into Life Sciences, thinking I'd become a doctor. I had it all mapped out from start to finish, and figured it was a relatively straightforward process to get from A to B. Wrong!
08/03/2016 03:37 EDT