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Laurel Broten

Ontario's Minister of Education

Laurel Broten is Ontario’s Minister of Education. Minister Broten lives in Etobicoke with her husband Paul, twin sons Zachary and Ryan, their dog Howard and Chuckie the guinea pig.
Why I Imposed Contracts on Ontario Alamy

Why I Imposed Contracts on Ontario Teachers

Some unions have engaged in strike action that has closed schools, restricted learning for students and created an unstable learning environment. It has been stressful and chaotic for many students and parents. Then those same union leaders asked the government not to move ahead with collective agreements, yet they had no other solutions to offer -- except more disruption. That's why, on my advice, the Lieutenant Governor in Council has put in place collective agreements for all school boards and unions that were unable to deliver ratified and approved collective agreements by the deadline.
01/04/2013 06:37 EST