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Lauren Baker

Founder, LAB Consignment

LAB Consignment is a Toronto-based consignment service specializing in the resale of chic, gently used, designer and ladies clothing, shoes and handbags.

Beginning as a pop up shop in 2009 LAB garnered lots of attention from Toronto fashion media, founder Lauren Baker decided 2010 was the right time to open up a brick and mortar in the hip Queen West/Ossington shopping district in the back of her friends shop Silver Falls, in which celebrities such as Catherine Keener, Rachel McAdams and Leslie Feist have been seen shopping at.

In 2011 Lucky Magazine included LAB in their famous shopping guides. Eager to fill the shop with more luxe goods, LAB re-located to posh Avenue Rd and expanded their online shopping presence.

2013 found LAB eager to expand yet again, with a new web store and expansion of the brand to include a national consignment mail-in program.

Twitter: @labconsigment
Instagram: @labconsignment

LAB's current collection is available for sale online at
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