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Lauren Bialystok

Philosopher, feminist, mother

I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. I hold a PhD in Philosophy (University of Toronto, 2009) and my research interests include ethics, identity, education, social and political philosophy, and feminism. I have also worked as a health policy analyst, sexual health educator, and volunteer high school debating leader. I love eating, cooking, reading stories to my kids, going to the theatre, and playing Scrabble.
I Bawled When I Breastfed My Child For The Last Monashee Alonso via Getty Images

I Bawled When I Breastfed My Child For The Last Time

The last time I breastfed my first child, I bawled. Unbeknownst to my 13-month-old, I was about to disappear for several days, a last-resort measure to terminate a relationship that was marked by inadequate milk supply, sleepless nights, blocked ducts and metabolic chaos. She was frustrated, I was frustrated, I was losing more weight than was healthy and I had a job interview in a week. It was taking a huge toll on everyone. Heaving with sadness and guilt, I finally agreed to go cold-turkey.
01/20/2016 05:14 EST
Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Infringes Parents' Rights? Think Andrew Francis Wallace via Getty Images

Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Infringes Parents' Rights? Think Again

The backlash against Ontario's new health curriculum has left many people confused. Is it radical? Are fundamental parental and religious rights being undermined? All parents want to protect their children, but opponents of sex education are inadvertently doing the opposite. Denying children accurate and inclusive information about their bodies, human relationships and sexuality is not protective; it is irresponsible. Without such information, children are unable to care for themselves and grow into healthy and responsible adults.
09/13/2015 08:08 EDT