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Lauren Ferraro

Public Speaking Coach Specializes in Keynote Speeches and Corporate Presentations for all CEOs and Senior Executives. Lauren Ferraro is a Professional Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, Voice Trainer and the founder of YOUR VOICE UNLEASHED: Professional Communications. She is a natural teacher and guide; with a unique balance of energy and empathy she helps you convey your important message dynamically. Her proprietary ATTAK methodology helps instill the confidence to deliver and the clarity to be understood. A Graduate of the University of London in England with a Masters in Voice Studies, she is a Professor of Speech at George Brown College and teaches Advanced Speaking and Presentation Technology at Ryerson University. Lauren’s expertise has been called upon globally by business leaders, entrepreneurs and top professionals across a variety of industries, to empower them to connect with others through their words and use of language. Lauren is a Huff Post Contributor, a TEDx Speaker Trainer and has been featured on Newstalk 1010, Rogers' Daytime, SiriusXM's What She Said, Global's The Morning Show and CHCH Morning Live.
For more information about Lauren’s Public Speaking Packages or to Hire Lauren to speak at your next event, visit her page: or connect on twitter: laurenvoicepro
The Clash Of

The Clash Of Content

Whether you're using PowerPoint, Prezi, Sway or Keynote, the winning formula contains visuals that support your spoken content. Well-produced visuals add impact, guide the story along, and deliver that story in a concise and captivating way.
01/12/2017 07:33 EST
7 Ways to Be a Better Public

7 Ways to Be a Better Public Speaker

According to the GoForth Institute based in Calgary, 75 per cent of all businesses in Canada have less than 10 employees. More than ever, individuals are required to stand up and represent their personal brand product or service by speaking in front of others.
10/08/2015 06:08 EDT
Nine Secrets to Delivering a Kick-Ass Wedding

Nine Secrets to Delivering a Kick-Ass Wedding Speech

Considering we are now into wedding season, I have put together my list of tips to ensure that when it's your turn to step up to the mic, you don't have cringe-worthy moments like Steve Buscemi did in the wedding singer.
05/17/2015 11:41 EDT