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Lauren Haw

Lauren Haw is the CEO and Broker of Record for, a leading real estate brokerage in the Canadian marketplace.

Lauren Haw is a passionate and prolific entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience launching, managing and investing in various business enterprises. Starting at 18, while attending Queen’s School of Business, Lauren ran the most successful College Pro enterprise in Ontario.

After university she launched and successfully ran an Oxford Learning Centre in Toronto, before moving into her first foray in the real estate industry with an early stage investment in True North Mortgage, a national brokerage with offices across Canada. Lauren later became a Founding Investor in the mortgage rate and financial product comparison website, where she remains an Active Director.

Lauren was inspired by the opportunities to improve the online real estate market, leading her to found, a site that connects families to home listings searchable by school district—the first and still only of its kind in Canada.

In 2015 Lauren purchased from Rogers, and is excited to use her expertise in technology and real estate to lead into the next frontier of success.
Ontario Must Take An All-In Approach On Unethical Realtor

Ontario Must Take An All-In Approach On Unethical Realtor Practices

In a seller's market that is experiencing rampant demand and annual 33-per-cent appreciation, such arrangements are a great disservice to sellers, and can also present grave disclosure and negotiating risk to buyers. As a seller -- why limit the amount of potential buyer interest, and ultimately the profit, on your home sale?
05/04/2017 04:53 EDT
Drop Hammer On Real Estate Agents Who Play Both Sides For

Drop Hammer On Real Estate Agents Who Play Both Sides For Profit

This practice is indicative of agents treating each other unethically, and is harmful to our entire profession. Agents who choose to cut others out for the sake of greater commission aren't just cheating their seller. I see this as a short-sighted race to the bottom, and a practice that harms us all as real estate professionals.
11/07/2016 11:54 EST