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Lauren Reimer

Seasoned traveller and veteran strategist in e-commerce and online services

As Managing Director and General Manager of Expedia Canada, Lauren Reimer oversees a team of 65 staff in our Toronto head office who provide online travel services for hundreds of thousands of Canadian travellers annually. Working closely with Canada’s leading airline, hotel, rental car and activities providers, Lauren ensures customers have access at their fingertips to the best possible value and service results for their business and vacation needs.
Canadians Aren't Taking Enough Vacation anyaberkut via Getty Images

Canadians Aren't Taking Enough Vacation Time

We're big believers in taking advantage of every day off you're entitled to -- not just because we're in the online travel business, but because the tremendous physical and psychological benefits of taking time away from work and the rest of the usual routine are well documented and increasingly becoming better understood.
10/20/2016 02:59 EDT
There's Something For Everyone In Getty

There's Something For Everyone In Vegas

Canadians love Las Vegas because it's a unique destination where there is truly something for everyone. It's filled with excess, extravagance, energy and world-class entertainment. Maybe you're one to lounge by poolside, or perhaps are looking to treat your taste buds to the finest cuisine.
10/04/2016 11:13 EDT