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Lauren Ross

Undergrad, feminist, invisible illness advocate.

University of Victoria Undergrad, English and Professional Communication.
In A Hate-Filled World, What Can You zhz_akey via Getty Images

In A Hate-Filled World, What Can You Do?

In a time when hatred appears to be everywhere -- on Facebook and Twitter, in the suicide bombs of terrorists and the ugly politics of the United States -- I find solace in knowing we have the power to change. We have the power to erase hate, and instill understanding and acceptance, in the same way my mother did.
12/05/2016 07:47 EST
You're Not A Mess, So Stop Saying Creatas Images via Getty Images

You're Not A Mess, So Stop Saying It

Confidence is intimidating, but it shouldn't be. Why should I feel guilty about being happy with myself? I have flaws, sure, but I am not a mess. So why do I participate in mess culture? Why, at brunch, do I feel obligated to chime in with a self-disparaging comment? There is no reason to participate in something that downplays what I have to offer.
10/27/2016 12:18 EDT
Percocet Ruins Lives, But It Saved Education Images via Getty Images

Percocet Ruins Lives, But It Saved Mine

Doctors are now under firm guidelines for prescribing opioids and other addictive substances, a regulation meant to limit the number of patients prescribed them and, correspondingly, lower rates of addiction and abuse. But in the attempt to reduce and eventually eliminate one problem, it's creating an entirely different one.
08/29/2016 09:04 EDT