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Laurence Vittes

Classical Music: An Investor's Guide

I was born and grew up in Los Angeles; my father was a writer and my mother a teacher. I trained as a cellist, a librarian and a critic. My company was a major supplier to the music and recordings collections of the Library of Congress, Bibliothèque Nationale, British Library, Stanford, Harvard and Yale. I introduced Harmonia Mundi (France), Hyperion, Chandos and Naxos to the North American market. I believe that writing about music unleashes the potential of the classical music industry. I write for the Huffington Post, Gramophone, Bachtrack, Strings, Audiophile Audition, and the Southern California Early Music Society.
LISTEN: A Stress-Coping Flickr: L. Bernhardt, Resident Loon

LISTEN: A Stress-Coping Playlist

Throughout the day, whenever I feel stress in my body or in my mood and behaviour, I use classical music to embrace the stress and release it through breathing to achieve an in-the-present-moment frame of mind and reconnect positively and creatively with reality.
06/13/2012 02:01 EDT