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Laurie Essig

Sociologist at Middlebury College's Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies program as well as blogger and writer for a variety of publications

Laurie Essig is a sociologist and teaches in the program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at Middlebury College. Currently she is a Fulbright Fellow at the European University in St. Petersburg. Laurie is the author most recently of American Plastic: Boob Jobs, Credit Cards and our Quest for Perfection and is working on a book on capitalism and romance called Love, Inc. She writes for a variety of publications including Psychology Today, the Washington Post and the Chronicle of Higher Ed.
Sexual Prudery Shouldn't Pass as

Sexual Prudery Shouldn't Pass as Activism

Ashley Madison had the honesty to say it is for married people to have affairs as opposed to encourage married and partnered people to pretend they're single. And for that their customers have had their personal information, including apparently credit card information, released?
08/27/2015 05:32 EDT