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Laurie Gough

Award-winning author of three memoirs, she is also a journalist and travel writer.

Laurie Gough is the author of the newly-released, Stolen Child: A Mother's Journey to Rescue Her Son from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Dundurn Press); Kiss the Sunset Pig: An American Road Trip with Exotic Detours (Penguin), and Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman’s Travel Odyssey (Random House), shortlisted for the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award in the U.K., and silver medal winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Travel Book of the Year in the U.S. Over twenty of her stories have been anthologized in literary travel books; she has been a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail, and has written for The Guardian, Macleans, The Walrus, The L.A. Times, USA Today,, The National Post, Canadian Geographic, The Daily Express, Caribbean Travel + Life, among others. See:
Arm Your Kids With History

Arm Your Kids With History Lessons

Kids have to understand that when people don't know history, the same things keep happening, century after century. Teach your kids that bigotry, racism, and xenophobia are the default mindsets of humanity, that war is the norm in human history, and for us to stop repeating these ills, we have to fight against them. History has taught us that resistance is our only chance.
11/10/2016 06:34 EST
Childhood OCD Can Be

Childhood OCD Can Be Conquered

A child who is afraid of germs, a common type of OCD, makes herself drink from a public drinking fountain which she believes is full of deadly germs. As she drinks, the anxiety level initially spikes, but gradually decreases as she realizes nothing catastrophic occurred. She's habituating herself to the anxiety, literally re-circuiting her brain. The next time, she can try doing it longer.
11/01/2016 08:20 EDT
It Has Been 3 Years Since We Got Our Son Back From

It Has Been 3 Years Since We Got Our Son Back From OCD

Our only child, crushed by the death of his grandpa, had transformed from an everyday kid into a faint memory of the boy he was, his every baffling behaviour designed to bring his grandpa back to life. We called this invisible force the "OCD Monster" and we felt powerless to stop it from enslaving our son.
09/08/2016 03:01 EDT