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Laurie Mawlam

Executive Director of Autism Canada

Laurie Mawlam is the Executive Director of Autism Canada.
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These Are Truths About Autism That Media Stories Get Wrong

Too often well-meaning journalists get it wrong when they write about autism. It's not so much the content of their stories that misses the mark as the language they use to describe autism itself. Reflecting on autism in a more nuanced manner using these basic pointers can help you avoid simplistic depictions and understand the true, lived experiences of those on the autism spectrum and those who support them.
11/01/2016 11:36 EDT

Universal Autism Screening Is Instrumental To Early Diagnosis

Over the years, Autism Canada has talked to thousands of parents and there has been a similar refrain. Early diagnosis didn't happen for their children because too many well-intentioned health practitioners and educators dismissed early red flags and parental concerns in favour of a "wait and see" approach.
04/27/2016 04:51 EDT