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Leigh Sanchez Ellazar

Author, 'Anything'

Leigh Sanchez Ellazar is Writer and Author. A city girl, she is also a devoted Mom of three young children. She's worked in the Advertising, Sales & Publishing industry for nearly fifteen years. Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is a Writer who believes that words can make an impact, it can unite people and it can assist those in finding their true authentic place. <br> <br> To connect with Leigh, you can find her on Twitter & on Instagram: @SeedsOfThree
Set Yourself

Set Yourself Free

Not too long ago I was in a mall. I'm hardly ever in malls. I was running around, trying to complete my 503 errands and I
10/28/2016 02:26 EDT
Lasting Effects of Today's

Lasting Effects of Today's Toys

As I watch my 19-month old daughter reenact similar play gestures, it's quite apparent that games, toys and even the word play has really evolved since my days of pretend salt and pepper. We've arrived at this place where apps, face-time and email replace many conversation
07/24/2013 01:55 EDT
Overcoming Adversity Through

Overcoming Adversity Through Art

Being the first-born-generation as a Filipino-Canadian and growing-up in the 80s conjured the kind of awkwardness that kids today will never know. I had to turn to art to escape and find my voice. And even since a very early age, it was one thing, one simple idea, I seemed to always turn to... Art.
04/10/2013 05:21 EDT
Follow Your Nose...To

Follow Your Nose...To Wellness

The <em>smell factor</em>, also known as aromatherapy, is so powerful. It can uplift you on gloomy days, it can pick you up and it can even bring you back to an early childhood memory. If you're like me, not wanting to depend on medicinal results, aromatherapy is an excellent option. The following are some examples of how aromatherapy could improve your life...
06/02/2012 01:40 EDT
Saluting All

Saluting All Moms

For the most part, I manage to get strawberry jam on my elbow at least five days of the week. Well, that's not entirely true
04/11/2012 03:18 EDT