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Leigh and Meg

T.v and radio personalities. Writers, and bloggers.

We are sisters, entrepreneurs, mothers and purveyors of fun. We are suspicious of people of who don't drink, and are not twins; Leigh is four years older. We have three children each.
From Fantastic Mom To Shitty

From Fantastic Mom To Shitty Mom

I was trying to recall a day when I was a fantastic mom all day, where I managed to stay patient, positive and in the zone. More often than not, I flop back and forth between extremes like a fish out of water, I'm a fantastic mom, wait, nope I'm a shitty mom. It's incredible how quickly I can go from nailing it to absolutely shitting the bed.
06/08/2016 12:22 EDT
In Defence Of My Summertime

In Defence Of My Summertime Uniform

I've got a bit of an issue. Well, I'm not sure it's an issue, but my sister is adamant it is. I love, you could even say am obsessed with, Lululemon skirts.
05/31/2016 09:50 EDT
It's About Time My Kids Ditch The

It's About Time My Kids Ditch The Sweatpants

Sweatpants are not the best they can do. We are so bloody casual, my kids get "dressed up" less than a handful of times a year. If I say put on a dress shirt, they should put on the dress shirt and deal with it.
05/25/2016 04:22 EDT
Teaching Charity On Family

Teaching Charity On Family Day

We introduced the kids to the idea of charity by getting them to donate their time; they helped us sell Daffodils, which was a mere four hours, but the impact it had on them was profound. The kids also gained a greater understanding of how they can make a difference.
02/12/2016 04:05 EST
Hot Oven, Heavy

Hot Oven, Heavy Scale

For some time now, Leigh and I have understood that some ovens are "hot". A hot oven is warmer than it says it is. Our mom
01/19/2016 04:39 EST
What I Learned From My Parents'

What I Learned From My Parents' Marriage

Put one another first. This sounds super cheesy, but it wasn't overt. It was a quiet knowing, which all of us were aware of, my parents loved one another and that came before anything else. They were an island, we had to swim to them.
12/16/2015 11:17 EST
9 Back-To-School Resolutions You Should

9 Back-To-School Resolutions You Should Make

I'm feeling a tad melancholy -- not because the kids went back, it has to do with how quickly the summer came and went. I have now declared the first day of school as my New Year. Like my sister who made summer resolutions, I have made back-to-school ones.
09/12/2015 11:31 EDT
Your Vagina Needs a

Your Vagina Needs a Physiotherapist

It turns out involuntarily peeing your pants is NOT okay. We are not speaking from a social standpoint, where walking around with urine-soaked pants is frowned upon. This is strictly medical -- your vagina should not leak. Think of your vagina like a basement foundation, any leak is bad; small, medium or large.
08/23/2015 11:30 EDT