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Leslie Botchar


I am a stay-at-home mom of three children; currently on a leave of absence from the Federal Government. When I started blogging it was with the intent to create a digital journal of my growing family. A peek into our little life; often warts and all! It was wonderful to be a part of a community of talented women, especially since I found staying at home with young children could sometimes be lonely and isolating.

As my experience in the “Blogosphere” expanded, I determined that my voice would be one of encouragement and support towards other mothers who are also doing the hardest job you will ever love. Naturally this requires that I also be authentic about my own struggles as a mother. I vowed that my blog would not be a place where other mothers, or women in general, would find judgement, ridicule, or even hate filled ranting. Rather it would be a place where all moms could take some “time out” from their daily tasks; and leave feeling encouraged, supported and uplifted. And hopefully have a few laughs as well.

As moms, we are fully equipped to succeed at our job as parents, yet I also recognize that we do not have to let go of all our hopes and dreams for personal success as well. It is to that end that I desire to raise women up so that we may all meet our full potential in life, love....and other fun pursuits.
This Christmas, Give up

This Christmas, Give up Greed

Our need to continue seeking fulfillment via Almighty Stuff is an all-consuming pursuit. Will it ever be enough to satisfy us? To fill up all those empty spaces? It doesn't really matter: there will always be another version that just might do the trick. We can never bring peace to this world under our current coma of contentedness.
12/25/2012 12:22 EST
What's Your Definition of

What's Your Definition of Beauty

As I attempted to retrieve my phone from my dashing toddler the other day, a rather disturbing self-portrait was captured. I looked hot. Like whoa-hawt! This does not represent the typical daily picture of me. Trust. When I showed my husband, he asked "who's that?" Thanks dear. The result of this accidental capture was some deep pondering about "real beauty."
10/29/2012 05:42 EDT
Lessons From Farmers About Hard

Lessons From Farmers About Hard Work

Are you weary? Of always "doing"......often with little to show for all your hard work? Do you just want to stop sometimes? Let the chips fall where they may. Or the mismatched socks at least. Yeah, me too. I get weary. See, I come from farmer stock. Farmers always look towards the harvest. It can be long, hard work. A few truths in relation to harvesting;
10/25/2012 12:19 EDT