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Leslie Traill

Founder, Sexy Over Sixty

Leslie Traill, founder of “Sexy Over Sixty,” is a pioneer in the field of life coaching and personal empowerment. A sought after speaker, Certified NLP Practitioner/Coach
and Counsellor, Leslie incorporates a wealth of personal and professional experience into her private sessions, and speaking engagements.
How I Used Meditation to Guard Against Postpartum

How I Used Meditation to Guard Against Postpartum Depression

Meditation was literally a life saver for me, post-partum; it allowed me to calm down when I was feeling sad, frustrated and lonely. By going into that calm place and reconnecting with myself I started to feel at peace, loving and very connected to my babies.
09/20/2013 12:29 EDT
Menopause: Prepare for More Than Hot

Menopause: Prepare for More Than Hot Flashes

I hear many women over 40 saying, "Oh, I am not in Menopause," which may very well be true. However, honey, you will be at some time after the age of 40 and you need to prepare as soon as possible for the symptoms, not only emotionally, but physically.
11/09/2012 10:11 EST
How to Feel Sexy Through

How to Feel Sexy Through Menopause

October 18 is World Menopause Day. Through the evolution of society and time, women have stopped feeling beautiful during this time in their lives. They have a tendency to feel invisible and to allow their emotions to take on a life of their own. I am going to be 65 at my next birthday and I feel that I have cracked the menopause code.
10/17/2012 12:11 EDT