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Leviana Coccia

PR professional. Writing enthusiast. Big smiler. Tea drinker. Dress wearer. Cat lover. Advocate for gender equality and body positivity.

Leviana lives in Toronto with her cat and is a writer and public relations professional in that city. She is the Founder and Editor of Canadian lifestyle blog A Quarter Young and an advocate for gender equality and body positivity. When she’s not writing, Leviana works to spread awareness about some of Canada’s most well-known fundraisers, supporting the advancement of that country’s health-care system.
Can We Stop It With The

Can We Stop It With The Shaming?

I've lived a large part of my life hating food and coping with self-doubt and self-hate by restricting or overeating, because I wanted to be liked (by myself, I've now realized, and others). This stemmed from years of being fat-shamed. I thought the skinnier I got, the more people would like me.
05/19/2017 09:45 EDT
We Need Self-Love Now More Than

We Need Self-Love Now More Than Ever

North America's culture of fear and hate has again been unmasked and there are people of all ages, both near and far, being discriminated against because of who they love, what they look like, the type of reproductive organs they were born with and the god to which they pray.
02/06/2017 06:33 EST
Why I Joined The Women's

Why I Joined The Women's March

The Women's March is a reminder that there are many ways to support a positive future. You don't have to make a sign or scream really loud or join 60,000 people on foot. You can educate yourself and others, you can donate to causes that support equality and the environment, you can volunteer for organizations that improve lives of people in your community and you can make small changes in your lifestyle to better the future of others.
01/23/2017 08:07 EST
FYI, The Future Is

FYI, The Future Is Furious

Racism, prejudice, sexism, bigotry and xenophobia - these horrendous ideologies all existed before Donald Trump became president
12/02/2016 08:55 EST